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 Guild Wars 2 - Server - Recruitment - Mumble
 written by: Batarjal 19.08.12 - 02:57

We decided to start our Guild Wars 2 journey on Seafarer's Rest. Major reason to roll there is the huge amount of good WvWvW-Guilds on that server. Looking forward to have some awesome sieges again.

We're still recruiting for both, Guild Wars 2 and PlanetSide 2 - if you're interested write an application at our forums.
Any old SB or DF members interested in teaming up with us are welcome to join SD again.

We also got a new mumble server - install the client and get yourself registered there.

News vom 19.08.12

 SD returns to action for Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2
 written by: Maarv 05.08.12 - 18:21

That's right we're back !

There's been something in the air for a while with the impending release of both Guild wars 2 and Planetside 2 , the unmistakable aroma of cheese can mean only one thing ....

Those horrible Euros are coming to take your stuff again .

We're inviting any of our old friends from previous games to come join the fun with us , there will also be a limited recruitment opening soon for a few lucky new recruits .

News vom 05.08.12

 SD trying out Faxion Online
 written by: Padishah Guardian 31.05.11 - 06:29

We are trying out Faxion Online in a limited basis for the present. We are not open recruiting, but folks may drop an application and see if a SD member will vouch for them. please understand we are a picky bunch and don't take a lot of new members.

News vom 31.05.11

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